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David Weaver
i have only used the wipe on a couple of times, but I'll buck the trend with the recommendations and say that when you try it, if you do, just buy the can. If you find that you use it in volume later, then you can buy brush on poly and thin it if you'd like.

I found that, not surprisingly, it doesn't build quickly (poly doesn't in general, but it's thinned on top of that).

I also found the couple of times that I used it, if you're willing to wipe on several coats, it will look great assuming you did good surface prep.

I used a can of semi-gloss as far as I can remember. If you're going to build finish, as some have mentioned, the semi-gloss effect will build some through additional finish thickness, but unless you're going to build and rub out (that's territory for lacquer, not this stuff), good prior prep and building a thin coat of this only, until the aesthetic is good is the route I'd take.

Just don't panic if you wipe it on after three coats and it looks very uneven. All at once in the last coat or two, it will come together nicely.

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