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Can't answer pricing...
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Pricing a Farm Table???? ()

Henry (Raleigh NC)
Who knows about pricing? Seems very regional to me. There are local businesses that advertise this sort of product in our local Craigslist (RDU, Raleigh Durham in NC)- except from what I see theirs are not crudely done, more refined than your description.

I doubt that I could change my woodworker ways enough to stomach making something that HIGHLIGHTS what I (and most of us here?) might consider flaws - poor and incomplete surface prep, residual finishes from reclaimed timbers, on and on. Just goes 'against my grain' I guess - turning into an old fuddy-duddy at just about the right time of life. I have actually made lots of things from reclaimed wood, and while they are far from perfect you would have to look closely to determine these were reclaimed.

I am glad that people are excited to buy (and make themselves) furniture from real wood and not disposable fiberboard crap. I am simply not a huge fan of the style I guess - Johanna Gaines and company hold no magic for me, although even I do like some of the stuff she does, just not everything.


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