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Re: Safety Lesson? What is your practice now?

Barry Irby
I have limited experience with a grinder and burr. 4 chair seats and a bench. I bought the grinder and disk at Harbor Freight for less than the cost of a Kutzall burr/disk. I thought this project was likely to be the vast majority of the use so I went cheep. Got the seats down to less than an hour and they were oak.

For safety.....I wonder about the paddle switch and I wonder about locking the switch in the on position. I frankly don't remember exactly what I did but I found this disk to less frightening than I thought it might be. Keep both hands on the tool, let it stop, set it down without the disk in contact with anything, even when stopped. Also, don't wear loose clothing. If that thing were to grab your shirt tail....well you wouldn't like it.

And, like many tools, I have already found several more uses for it. Cut some metal track. And cleaned up the edges and corners of my son's garage slab in preparation for epoxy/flake covering.

I have had several shop accidents, one one the RAS, Lathe, and TS. Would be happy to discuss in detail if anyone cares.

Oh! And I got my feelings hurt once, but I'm not sure that counts.

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