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Re: angle grinder - Kutzall burr

I can say from experience that a Kutzall burr will most definitely ruin your day and a couple of weeks after if you get it in the wrong place. I was mostly lucky and kept the finger and even the fingernail grew back ok (slightly elongated but not deformed and all there) after a couple of months.

I had one in one of those paddle trigger grinders and had taken my left hand off of the grinder handle (yes handle and guard in place) and was setting it down with my right hand. What happened next is sort of speculation because there were no observers, I wasn't necessarily cogitating 100%, and it happened awfully fast (a these things do). But basically I hit the on switch somehow with my right hand. This caused the grinder to whip sideways taking the top off of the end of my left index finger (nail and all were gone back a ways but apparently it left enough nail bed to regrow) and gouging a nice big track into my left middle finger. Today ~4 years~ (maybe 5?) later you can't hardly tell anything happened but it was a bit of a moment at the time.

Would a chainsaw disk have taken more off? Probably... I'm not super eager to find out though.

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