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Re: Stumpy Nubs got tangled in an angle grinder

William Duffield
I saw his disturbing videos about the angle grinder and the chainsaw disc. I have one of those implements of destruction, too, but don't use it any more. It brings back unpleasant memories of "The Evil Dead." It's somewhere in the bottom of a toolbox, because my conscience wouldn't let me give it away. I don't hate anyone that much. I replaced it with a Kutzall burr, but I have not convinced myself that that is significantly safer. Maybe a Kevlar glove would work better than his leather glove.

The idea I liked best from his video was the intersecting T-tracks, but even that idea comes with caveats. They are sold by Rockler, who I've never done business with, even though I have nothing against the company. Since they are blue, I assume they are made by Kreg, and I know that Kreg T-track is incompatible with the Festool hold down clamps that fit their MFT tops and extrusions. Since they are aluminum, the mitered ends are easy to cut in whatever track you purchase from whomever.

Of course, Stumpy's arrangement of his portable power tools is totally superfluous for most Festools with dust collection. Unless I tartedby integrating my CT26 into the cart, using its wheels, I would not integrate the power and dust collection boom into the cart either.

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