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Re: Ideas for tool cart/shelf please????

Barry, where do you do your work ? Is it a rolling cart ? Is it some sort of table in the middle of your work area ? Is it a bench up against the wall ?

If it's a table, perhaps you could incorporate some kind of temporary slide-out or swing-out shelf like, maybe, a drop leaf. If it's a bench, maybe you could just put a piece of plywood over an open drawer or a small rolling cart that would fit up under it.. If it's a cart you could roll it up to a spare surface, such as your table saw or, some sort of auxiliary hide-away surface built into the cart.

..Or you could use a stepladder with a piece of wood spanning a step and a brace. It could be a T-shaped piece of plywood that would fit over a step and under the brace, the T cross part being big enough to hold your tools and counter-balance the shelf.

Repeatedly picking your tools up off the floor would be tiring for your back, I imagine.

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