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Re: I've gotten used to mine… *PIC*

William Duffield
I see the hose and cord coming in from the boom or ceiling as being in the way.

Yes, they can get in the way. My CT26 is shoved back in a corner under my radial arm saw table, and the pivot point on the arm is not too far from the wall, so they do not get in the way. The boom itself is high enough that it doesn't get in the way either. The hose and cord do get in the way, especially since I have an extension hose and extension cord so I can reach the bench, the table saw, etc. I have enough bunjis on the hose and enough hooks on the boom that they are manageable, and I have no problem keeping them out of the way when I don't have a tool connected to them. I haven't hung myself yet, and they are always off the floor and therefore not a trip hazard.

Free tip at left of second picture: My spring clamp rack is just a 3/4" square stick with a screw eye in the end, hanging from a screw hook.

I realize that Festools and these carts in particular are expensive, but I figure most people on this forum are resourceful enough to build something somewhere between stock Festool and some 2x4s, framing nails, pegboard, and stolen Radio Flier wheels that fits their shop philosophy. :D

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