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Re: Ideas for tool cart/shelf please????

William Duffield
I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help, but what I do is keep several stacks of systainers on carts in a row along one wall. Then, I play "Towers of Hanoi" until the systainer with the tool I need is on top. Because of this technique, I strongly prefer the newer T-Loc systainers. The RO90 (small random orbital, etc. sander) is a special case. It is light enough to hang from the vacuum hose and power cord. Sometimes, I find it more convenient to set my shop stool next to where I'm working, and set the tool on that between operations. The vacuum hose and power cord are suspended from a boom arm attached to the ceiling rafters, with a row of screw hooks on the bottom surface that support the umbilical. Ball end bungee loops secure the umbilical and allow it to be quickly attached and detached from any of the screw hooks. Let me know if you need pictures.

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