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Ideas for tool cart/shelf please????

Barry Irby
Still suffering from the tiny shop blues. The question is what to do with hand help power tools while using them. I have developed the habit of laying the router or sander or domino on the floor between cuts or uses. (That's based on the premise they can't fall off the floor.) It leads to a lot of bending and stooping to lay them down and pick them up.

I have some Festool tools with the matching Systainers. There may something of a logic flaw in the concept of the systainer related to using the tools in the shop. You have to have shelf space for the systainer but then what to do with the tool while the systainer resides on the shelf. Does not make sense to keep putting the tool back in the box over and over. So, it seems you have to have two strategies.

So what to do with them? A little cart? A pull out shelf/drawer? Bungee cords from the ceiling?

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