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Re: Install was deal breaker

David Yoho
John I have a Rinnai tankless. In fact, I just descaled it myself two days ago. The cost of the submersible pump and water lines I needed was way less than what I paid a plumber after the first year.

Mine is a Non-Condensing unit designed to handle four things at once. It uses natural gas and plugs into an electric outlet for power. These things don't pull much current so a 15-amp circuit is plenty.

We connected to the natural gas service, which was free for us from the gas company, and hired a plumbing contractor to install the gas piping from the meter to under the crawl space, install the water heater, connect to our gas log fireplace (formerly propane), and install stub-outs for future gas appliances.

Our gas bill is usually between $15 - $35 depending on if we're using the fireplace. They do have something that aids getting hot water quickly to those faucets that are farthest away if that's a problem.

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