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Tiger Maple score

Paul Blackwell

This is primarily for Bill Tindall, since he impresses me as very knowledgeable about logging and wood in general. A friend of mine recently gave me five tiger maple boards he purchased from a sawmill about 15 years ago and paid ten dollars for the lot. One board is 12" wide, 1 1/4 thick and 11 feet long, and is dead flat, straight and true The others are narrower, and all of them have the best tiger figure I've ever seen. I was curious if Bill knows what causes tiger stripe in Maple. Someone told me one theory is that the tree grew on the edge of a woodlot and the wind, making the tree sway back and forth, causes scar tissue in the wood. My friend wouldn't take any money for the boards, so I made him a Shaker style sewing stand with a turned center post and tripod legs. Just finished it and it looks great with the tiger stripe. Anyone with info on the cause of the tiger stripe, please join in.

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