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Re: Changing the color of factory kitchen cabinets

Keith Mealy
The way I would attempt this, if I had to, would be to use a glaze. The only possible problem is making sure something will adhere to the existing finish. Some of the catalyzed finishes don't like anything on top of them.

Glaze is very easy to use and adjust as you go as it has long open time.

It needs to dry for 24 hours then have a top coat applied.

Do trial run(s) on the inside of an infrequently used door before proceeding with the work.

The last finishing job I did the stain came out way off the color it was supposed to be. I put on two coats of finish, a coat of glaze and two more coats of finish to get the color I was aiming for.

But, I'd probably learn to live with your cabinets.

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