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Deficiency of that Journal; lack of alternatives

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
It deals with Period Furniture only. This furniture is currently largely unpopular, and of all the styles, its construction is the most thoroughly documented and available for study.

Try building a Krenov wall cabinet, for example, without someone from the school to advise on the novel means he had of assembling his airy structures. I'll wager one won't figure it out from looking at a picture. There may be a good reason when I see a Krenov style the makers pedigree includes at stint at the school. This style is not readily reinvented by looking at a picture and there aren't books that describe it in sufficient detail.

Ditto for most any of the modern designers. Most of the stuff I encountered in Fine Furniture left me wondering, how did they do that. Novel design oft times involves novel, not obvious construction.

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