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Keith Newton
Brusso offset hinge? Are you talking about the ones that mount on the top and bottom edge of the door, or the side? Even the top and bottom type has two versions.

I wouldn’t plan on doing the final fitting until the carcass is assembled and maybe installed. If the walls and or floor aren’t perfectly plumb or level, this will throw off the fit.

One thing I figured out a long time ago was Rather than use the hinge that is two L shaped blades, that both need to mortise, the other one which has a short straight blade for the carcass side is easier to use. After the door hinge portion is mortised and screwed in, I just stand the doors in place with carcass blade on its pin, I then use shims to hold hold them exactly right. I then slip another thinner strip of wood under the door up against the hinge to register its location when I pull the door away. This little jig if you will has carpet tape with the vellum started and rolled back a bit so I can hold it against the hinge while I pull the vellum out from under it while pressing down. No need for a tape measure with this method. The jig also has a tab on the end to register front to back indexing.

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