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Re: SURVEY: Ides of September +8

Ed Wesolek
Hell-o Everyone,
I have enjoyed reading this section of the Ides of September. I too am a 64 year old gentleman working at trying to be a wood worker. I am in the process of finishing up on building new work benches in my barn for my work shop. This is my third woodworking shop and of course it is the best. A nice barn that is heated for us here in Michigan, sorry no air condition but a lot of fans for the summer. I also have enough wood to last the rest of my lifetime, not to mention lots of tools. One of my new goals is to use up all of the wood that I have accumulated over the years. Like everyone else, I build things out of a need for that person to help them out. I also like to increase my skills by trying different skills when building many different pieces of furniture. My younger daughter wants everything that I build, my oldest daughter does not want any of the things that I build. Go figure. I build and do woodworking simply for the enjoyment of keeping my hands busy along with my mind. The cherry on top comes when I give the gift to that person and I get a nice smile form them. For me it is pure enjoyment of creating something from the gathered wood. Someone will have a great barn when this old man moves on. I hope that they will enjoy it.

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