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Re: SURVEY: Ides of September +8

Henry (Raleigh NC)
I'm not quite in the retirement set the way many other posters are, but my mustache is gray!
I have fallen back on woodworking and home repair skills when needed - as income producers for times there isn't a regular job. But I continue to enjoy the inherent challenges.

What role does "making stuff" play in your life -- making functional things for yourself and others?
things for sale?
artistic statements?
tactual pleasures?
all of the above? Yes
Functional - and hopefully aesthetically pleasing - furniture in our home (family, church). Not so much an artistic statements, but making custom pieces to fit the need/want.


What are your ambitions for building new skills or reaching new heights of accomplishment?
I typically try to stretch my skill set in projects, and have lots of way left to do that. Embellishments (inlays), dovetails, drawers, casework....

Is there one particular bucket-list project that you would like to do before you go to your great reward (besides amassing all the tools in the world)? Seems to me like a Maloof (or similar) rocker would be one thing I would consider a crowning piece.

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