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Re: SURVEY: Ides of September +8

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey
After 30 years working in a basement shop ducking under the HVAC ducts, I made the decision to build my dream shop; 900 square feet with a 10 foot ceiling and actual windows. The machines are now moved, located, re-tuned, and connected to the new dust collection system. The clamps are hung on the wall with care. The walnut, maple, and cherry are stacked and ready for use. The open sketchbook lays on the counter, ready to remind me of all the items I’ve been planning to make.

“So kids, who would like this dining table?” “Geez, Dad, way cool and love it but don’t have any room.”

“How about this credenza?” “Wow, Pop, lovely, but it won’t go with the other stuff and the dining table you made for us.”

“Hey, how ‘bout a new media center, Hon?” “Sweetheart, the TV’s on the wall now, and the music is streamed. I don’t want to have to keep that thing polished.”

“Got some neat walnut and maple for cutting/serving boards or turned platters! Want some?” “Dad, I have the cabinet stuffed with a half dozen already. Can’t take any more.”

So, why does the old refrain “All dressed up but no where to go” keep ringing in my head?

Well, that dining table is getting made anyway, and the lathe beckons!

Tally-Ho!! ONWARD!!!

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