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Re: SURVEY: Ides of September +8

Alan Young
I began my work career in the lucrative field of Public Radio..ha ha! In 1996..after 14 years I was ushered out the door and needed to look for something else...By the time radio was in the rear view mirror I had developed a big interest in woodworking and furniture making- I had made a few things by this time and thought-"Well I guess I can go after this Furniture making path" I had not one person give me any encouragement in fact I was dowsed by everyone but my Dad..Everyone else told me woodworking was no plan to follow. So I didn't -- I took what was the path of least resistance-and of course the most immediate promising -a job back at the University.. I've been able to make furniture on the side....Now everybody keeps saying to me "When are you going to retire from that U of M job and make furniture full time?" I keep my mouth shut as I silently remember the lack of enthusiasm they showed when I believed I could succeed in that path.I am still running my furniture business on the side- Last Spring I hit a wall with a piece and became extraordinarily frustrated- I was literally ready to sell my tools- My dear wife saw the detail that was causing my trouble and she rescued the project..Through all the years Dad was always happy to see my progress and the last couple of years we worked on a couple of projects together. I'll always feel those were the highlights of my woodworking. I just turned 60 and now that Dad is gone I'm only motivated by the possibility of making a few more music stands that utilize the adjustment mechanism he designed for me...Other wise I'll follow up on commissions as they come in-or don't...Our house is way too full to try out new designs that might be peculating...

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