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Re: SURVEY: Ides of September +8

Dick Coers
For 25 of my 46 years of woodworking, it was my livelihood. The first 7 years was out of necessity, to furnish our apartment and home with furniture on a limited budget. Thrown in there was the occasional job to pay for more tools. Then I started a serious part-time job that worked into opening a business. The last decade plus has gone from furniture to decorative turning. Still operating a part-time business. The desire to sell has diminished to doing a single holiday show each year. Selling has not been good for my spirit. I'm of the age where I know I have paid my dues and developed some real skills. It actually hurts to hear such simple comments (like how long does it take to make?, or did you do that yourself?, or my uncle makes duck calls, or the worst, what is that used for?) as they walk on by. I had the goal of woodworking until I died, nearly all my life. But that has changed with age and I find other interests taking much more of my time. I'm all tooled up and have wood for a couple lifetimes, but loosing interest fast. What a conundrum!

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