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Bill Houghton, Sebastopol, CA
Looks like PVC or ABS. Plast Aid is a possibility, see link below. This is great stuff, that I've used to repair components in our old hot tub - it extended the tub's life for several years, until an irreplaceable part failed.

Plast Aid will give you slightly longer working time than PVC or ABS cement to put a hose clamp around the fitting and tighten it up, so it's the same size it originally was; but only slightly. You want everything ready to go, and you want your blood caffeine/adrenaline levels good and high. It heats up when it cures, and the heat accelerates the cure; so, if you mix large quantities, it will cure faster than you can work it. It can be both an adhesive and a molding compound, so I'd mix up just enough to put into the crack, then clamp it shut and let it cure (put some vaseline or the like on the clamp to serve as a release agent, so it doesn't stick to the Plast Aid). Remove the clamp and mix up some more to build up on the outside, across the crack.

If the hose is still coming out, because the fitting is no longer quite the same size, you could probably use some Plast Aid to skim coat the inside to make it a little smaller, although duct tape could do the same with less drama.

It's a neat little company. When I called a couple of years back, when dealing with the hot tub, customer service was the company owner, and his young granddaughter was visiting, so I could hear her in the background, talking to herself as she played with something. And he, the company owner, knows his product really well, and is happy to give guidance.

Your hardware store may have it. Or a hot tub service/parts house, or a plumbing supply house. Or call the company to get suggestions on sources.

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