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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Furniture that has endured over the centuries and is generally recognized as beautiful bears that reputation because of its design,

By itself I don't agree. No matter what your definition of "endure" is a desk's survival potential and its popularity depends on quality of construction and design.

It is the quality of the carving that makes a Townsend or Goddard piece exceptionally valuable. Their shells were better than other's shells. In my experience anything that shows is finely executed in the antiques that are highly valued, or even valued enough to have been kept. Within a style the higher the quality of execution the higher the value of the piece. While I have no data to prove it I'll wager that a Stickly style with poorly executed through tenons would not make it to the TV part of Antiques Road Show, or most people's furniture collection.

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