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Barry Irby
I tried to save some of the wood, but the limb is so hollowed out and rotting there isn't much. I have save a piece with a knot in it and will turn a couple of winged bowls out of it.

I may be able to scavenge enough for a box or two. That's a very nice box, thanks for posting.

As far as planting another....I have many. I got interested in them many years ago and planted at least twenty of various varieties. I also have about thirty five or forty Japanese maples of various varieties. All of this on a half acre. I have an arboretum, now if I just had the land to go with it.

But I may plant a few more, there is one that is nearly black and one with small pie crust leafs (Mexicana) and then there is a weeping one and ....

I failed to mention the dogwoods....

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