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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Thanks Mark.

As a clinical psychologist working with children, some of the issues I have with the Internet, and related media, especially video games, is (1) it all happens so quickly, and (2) it is all in your face - nothing is left to the imagination. The issue for me is that visualisation skills are unpracticed, creativity is unnecessary and reduced, and tolerance for waiting is diminished.

One of my favourite stories from my childhood is that, when I was about 10 years old I had a game of chess with an uncle. We did not have TV (and certainly no computers). What was different was that my uncle lived in another country, and so we played via correspondence. I'd write a move on a post card (remember those :) ), and he would do the same. 2 1/2 years went by before we got together to complete the game. Can kids of today do this? Answer: they do not need to; they can email or Skype.

There is a parallel with woodworkers. Like the Internet, mechanical joiners (such as biscuit machines and the Domino) have opened up a world for many. However, rather than seeing these methods as an adjunct to the range of methods one may need to utilise, many stop there. These methods are quick and do not require learning traditional joinery. Further, they facilitate the joining of manufactured boards (MDF and ply), which do not require learning about grain direction, wood movement, etc.

Of course, not all do this. My commentary is about one type of "modern woodworker". There is also a resurgence towards hand tool use as part of the desire to slow things down, which many appear to be experiencing.

Regards from Perth


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