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Re: Tree Guy question, removing limb?

Tom Dunlap
Dr Alex Shigo taught us not to paint wounds back in the very early 80’s. Some old practices die slow

Before you cut do a quick search on “branch collar”. Make any cut as close to that as you can. Think of the branch collar as the fortified front gate of the castle. It keeps decay compartmentalized as much as possible

From your description and having worked with redbuds I’m sure there is tearout. Carefully cut away any loose fibers

There is some good results from wrapping wounds with plastic wrap. It keeps the wound damp and allows new tissues to form. More info online. Best plastic wrapped ASAP

Decay is natural. It doesn’t always lead to failure. If decay and strength loss is a concern there are crown reduction cuts that can be made. This is NOT topping. Crown reductions are really as close to tree surgery as arborists perform. There’s a lot to understand before grabbing saws and climbing gear. Way too many tree cutters have no clue about crown reductions. Be so very careful if your decisions go this way. If you need a referral I’m sure I can find a good arbo. On the other hand, if you like learning, there’s plenty of good info online

Start at the ISA site:

Trees are good

Look it up

Post a pic or email me. I’m heading to Knoxville for the International Tree Climbing Chamipionships (as a spectator and conference. While I’m in the area I’m planning on getting together with Bill Tindahl

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