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Handsome desk and a warning
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
When I get a project to where this one is at I can't stop till its done and in service. Looking mighty fine.

The most valuable lesson I learned in the Headley shop was fitting slidy joints. If the dovetails are too snug now you risk assembly problems. A dovetail that large has enormous glue surface. Err on too loose for it won't matter. In the shop if we could not slide a dovetail together by hand easily it was to be adjusted. That said, if there is a place you can engage the pieces with clamps, the low shear strength of uncured glue will enable it to be coaxed into submission with steady clamp pressure.

I like the shade of burnt umber you found. What is it. Some tends to yellowish which I don't favor. I like the reddish burnt umber.

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