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Re: Completely OT...Samsung Ice maker question

Barry Irby
Thanks Mark, that's the stuff I should have been looking for.

This is the most expensive refrigerator I have ever owned. Really couldn't afford it, but I thought I would step up an buy one that was luxurious and maybe last me the rest of my life.

What bothers me is I had other refrigerators with ice makers and none of them gave me any problem other than eventually they wore out. None of them cost more than about a quarter of the retail for this one.

You would think Samsung would know how to build an excellent refrigerator. As I recall, this one got good reviews when I bought it. Lowe's was heavily discounting the Electrolux one they had on the floor, but I looked it up and it was five years old. Did not make sense to buy a five year old fridge.

Rather than fight with this sorry turd, wonder what I should replace it with?

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