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Daughter has decided

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Oh Ellis, were it so simple to just make a traditional corner cupboard. It would have been done a month ago.

This all began with showing daughter pictures of corner cupboards and hutches. She became smitten by a take-off on a Shaker hutch with a modern twist provided by arches, particularly a sweeping bottom arch. She wanted arches, adjustable shelves, opaque glass top, and a drawer. So, lets design something inspired by what she liked, to include arches, adjustable shelves, leaded glass top, whimsical carved panels flanking the drawer, etc.- a substantial departure from "traditional".

I have struggled to accommodate the arches but arrived at a place that I thought worked. In the mean time I made the base molding the arch would be cut from. For grins I dry fitted it and took the pictures. I liked the look, Wife liked the look, John liked the look. Daughter liked the look-Yea! :) And so the arched top doors, the arched grain, the Krenov framing and the refinement of the bottom arch at the drawing board went out the now traditionally framed doors, so to speak. And so I press on unburdened from accommodating arches.

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