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I Listened to a long talk....
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Thanks, everybody *NM* ()

Barry Irby
about the possible merger of Fiat Chrysler and Renault. One aspect of the talk was that "Europe" is falling out of love with diesels. The Volkswagen debacle was part of it, and controlling the type of emissions was part of it. I was on a long road trip and this was on satellite radio. Good for about an hour. Maybe not relevant to your situation, but it's another indication diesel design is up in the air.

Maybe not relevant also, but I had a Toyota pickup with a diesel engine. It was a gas engine they converted. It lasted about 85K miles and spun a bearing. I had put 7 quarts of oil into that engine every three thousand miles like clockwork. The dealer basically said "Yeah, you did well, many people don't get 85K."

No more diesels for me.

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