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Ellis Walentine
I'd stay out of this one except that I have had the opportunity to have a personal tour of Freud's carbide laboratory and manufacturing facility near Udine, Italy. Here they sinter raw carbide powder into tips for sawblades and other cutting tools, and they have a sophisticated laboratory with electron microscopes and every testing device a science nerd could want.

Anyhow, the short story is that we were talking about blade cleaning and their head engineer brought out a perfectly shined chunk of carbide and placed a drop of sodium hydroxide on it. When he rinsed it off, there was a dull round spot where the NaOH had been. That image has stuck with me.

I don't contest that bases dissolve pitch, but at some concentration they result in the degrade of the matrix that holds the microscopic (~300ยต?) particles together and results in some small degree of degrade of the edge. Nothing you'd notice from one cleaning to the next, especially with diluted preparations like Simple Green. In fact, normal wear and tear probably degrades the edge as much as a cleaning in oven cleaner, but if you're absolutely particular about it, you might want to use a brass brush and some warm water. I honestly don't remember what the Freud guys recommended.


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