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david weaver
...the other issue that I had is that when I'm working with something and it's just not agreeing, I want to be able to modify it. Some of the nicer stuff is like working on rails. There's not enough relief on the resaw king blade I had. My saw wasn't that great, but the blade was well below the size that it would stabilize. Looking at it, I think that it may have been out of spec in terms of the relief to try to get a smoother cut. It burned instead, and if given too much feed pressure to avoid burning, it would wander.

I wanted to add relief to the teeth, and if it was a steel saw, I could've just fixed the issue by cheaply replacing it or modifying it. I couldn't. All was lost. The next guy only lost the cost of shipping, but I'm sure he thought he was in for a free $225 blade that I got for a "deal" on clearance.

I learned a lesson. I often don't work precise enough to take advantage of what's being offered. IF the blade I ordered hadn't been defective, I could see where someone making things for a living (be it veneers or whatever else) would love the quality of the cut and perhaps be able to saw through hard stuff with little clean up.

As soon as the blade wanders, the deal is off. If it had just burned a little, I could live with it, but it was unworkable and at first I didn't know what to blame. I got lots of long distance bad advice from forums and fought with it way too long before going back to cheap blades.

I do really enjoy having a bandsaw, but have none now. I also enjoy simple. I really hate having a unique piece of stock and ruining it with blade wander, forcing a project to be set aside, or standing in front of a saw and wondering whether it will or won't cooperate, or what might get ruined next.

I'd like to make a small bandmill at some point, but would never have the quality of wood needed (potential nails, etc) from local sources to be sure I wouldn't blow out an expensive blade on metal in a tree. All of the logs and sections of tree that I can get a hold of around here are suburban. The two times I've seen any neighbors getting any significant tree work done, several trees were ground in their entirety, bucked into smaller pieces only to be able to haul them out of the yard .

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