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Barry Irby
Thank you Bill....

Yes I have bought a bandsaw I know little about. I did not even know Hitachi made bandsaws or that anyone made one like this. I have been struggling with my existing bandsaw for years and decided the solution was a second bandsaw, one for straight cutting/resawing and the other for general use/curves.

I have a few hundred dollars invested in this so far, little enough that if it fails to perform I will not be heart broken or financially ruined.

I want to start learning about the blade but I don't want to start by buying a steel mill. I asked here on WoodCentral in hopes of taking advantage of the vast knowledge base, yours included.

For example, If I buy an inexpensive steel blade and learn to use it, what does that tell me about the performance of a carbide tipped blade? If I find a blade that will slice veneer will it not also resaw drawer sides. I am hoping someone will narrow down the search a bit for me. I tuned up the 3" wide blade and it cuts pretty well, maybe good enough but I am still curious about what is available.

Thanks you for your help.

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