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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
..."you can't learn without good tools" kind of thing. "

....there is nothing not good about a steel band saw blade. You might put it on a not so good saw. But furniture factories and professional shops have been using steel blades just fine for decades. Carbide simply stays sharp longer and it might, if optimized, cut smoother, or not.

With the teeth optimized for the task being employed the carbide blade will saw a smoother cut. A friend has one with a tooth spacing and pattern optimized for smooth resaw. He sliced some "priceless" (for me) crotch walnut veneer that I could glue without further refinement......AFTER.....we learned how to keep the billet from warping after each cut. A post-cut warp a few thousandths of an inch wastes the same lumber as a saw tooth groove the same depth. If the billet warps or the blade doesn't track straight the carbide tooth doesn't waste less wood.

And just because it is carbide does not mean it has teeth optimized for the intended sawing task. Is the blade variable pitch? What are the teeth per inch? An inexpensive carbide blade will saw no smoother than a quality steel blade. It will last longer unless it hits something not wood.

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