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david weaver
George mentioned freehand before - resawing to a line and skipping the fence. I fought with the fence on my bandsaw enough over the years that I ended up forgoing it until I sold it, too. When you're freehanding wood through a blade, it may not be OK for a 1/8th veneer, but for bookmatching, it's fine, and you get a much better feel for what the saw is doing.

I'm resawing by hand now with a frame saw, but the idea is sort of the same. If the saw feels like it's doing anything other than cutting, then something needs to be tended to. It's pretty uncommon that it feels like it's fighting you at all, other than the friction of the teeth and a little bit from the blade sides (something that probably doesn't happen on a shop bandsaw - the frame saw blade is almost 4" tall). Steering is subtle and constant.

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