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david weaver
..."you can't learn without good tools" kind of thing.

I've since given myself a break and start more like #1 on something new and give myself the time to learn without thinking that outcomes will be ideal right from the start.

I no longer have a bandsaw, but when I did, I got a defective resaw king. They were on sale and nonreturnable. Mine didn't have enough relief and it wouldn't cut straight because it was always under the influence of the wood.

I was assured that it was just me.

So I gave the blade away, at a loss of $175. Someone who was sure that it was just me had the same saw as I did and paid $14 for me to ship the blade to him.

He found the same thing.

My real scenario with the saw was maybe resawing 75 board feet a year with it, and I found a much less expensive blade worked fine. I resharpened silicon steel blades with a diamond chainsaw burr and never managed to fully wear one out (did have one break, but at a cost of $35 to replace it) to the point that it couldn't be resharpened again.

I must've ruined about $250 worth of lumber various times trying to get the resaw king to work, but only ruined one resaw learning the ropes with the less expensive blades.

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