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misprint? not 1/8"
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"You might have to run each resawn board through the planer and remove 1/8" or so on each side." must be a misprint or your saw is seriously out of adjustment. less than 1/32" in my experience off my band saw and about 1/32 off well milled commercial lumber sawed on a band mill. If the blade on a commercial mill is not damaged the cut is as smooth as what I get on my band saw. However, often there is damage and there will be a repetitive irregularity where a tooth or teeth are deflected.

Misenheimer saw shop in Morristown welds band mill blades from stock coils. They are sharpened alternate bevel and a raker (1 1/4 x 1.5 tpi I think). I use them on my 20" Delta band saw for resawing all but expensive veneers. For example, I cut billets from a huge poplar and resawed dozens of quartered drawer side stock from them. Or, I am resawing 15 cherry boards to make thinner stock for the back of the corner cabinet and then veneer to do the shelves.

I am more interested in quickly making these cuts than saving a few thousandths of an inch of wood per cut. Because these blades are designed for ripping they rip quickly and they rip straight. Tracking well is way more important than tooth marks.

When resawing it is not only the saw tooth marks that need to be cleaned up, it is any irregularity in the saw track. In my experience it is common to need to straighten a cut from a blade that doesn't track through the wood well and this straightening removes WAY more material than what is needed to remove tooth marks. For this reason I long ago quit using the common 3/4 x 3 tpi blades people use for resawing.

The optimum carbide blade for my 20" Delta costs over $200. I have hit enough stuff that there is significant risk that the life of this blade will be determined by hitting something rather than dulling. A blade from Misenheimer is less than $15. Do the math. The band mill blades cut quick and 1/32" removes tooth marks which are in fact not this deep. By upping the teeth to 1" x 2tpi I get a cut where 80 grit sand paper removes tooth marks, but with a slower cut that takes more care to track true.

I got a lesson in how well the band mill blade tracked when sawing the triangular stack of shelves for the corner cupboard. I free-hand sawed the stack of triangles on the band saw. Once I started a cut it effortlessly kept going in a straight line. It was easy to just kiss my pencil line along the length.

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