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Woodmizer blades
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John K Jordan
>>>I heard someone say a Wood Mizer blade is good for about 500 feet. Not sure if that's board feet or linear feet.

I have had a Woodmizer sawmill for over a decade and so far have only used blades directly from Woodmizer. The 500' life doesn't make sense to me. 500 linear feet could be as little as two 10' long 28" diameter logs sliced into 4/4 boards which would be useless to me. The type of wood makes a difference - cutting Cedar or Osage Orange?

What makes the biggest difference is dirt in the bark, the reason the big boys debark the entire log or have a debarker attachment cut a kerf in front of the saw blade. This should not be a problem for resawing in the shop. Also, like other cutting tools how long do you want to continue to cut when the blade gets "a little bit" dull?

For resawing, a huge consideration is how smooth you want the board, maybe discussed here (I didn't read it all). The Woodmizer blades less than 1 tooth/inch and are engineered to cut through 30" thick green wood so the resulting surface is rough, of course. You might have to run each resawn board through the planer and remove 1/8" or so on each side. Also, the blade itself is thicker and cuts a wider kerf than any blade I use on my shop bandsaw.

I usually use 1/2" 3 tpi steel Lenox blades on my 18" shop bandsaw and they work fine for both wet and dry wood up to the limit of the saw, just over 12".

That said, I recently bought a 1/2" 3 tpi Lenox Diamaster 2 carbide toothed blade (hook tooth) for my shop bandsaw. It cost me about 10 times as much as the cheap steel blades but they claim it will last 40 times as long. The cut is not as smooth as some get from wider blades on better saws but so far I'm quite happy with it for what I do. Ask in a few months if you want to know my longer-term impression.


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