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Barry Irby
Are you suggesting the steel blade?

My rational brain tells me that a blade that will last a "while" on a WoodMizer would last me a LONG time. Both terms being relative. I heard someone say a Wood Mizer blade is good for about 500 feet. Not sure if that's board feet or linear feet. Either way, if sawing air dried wood cut that in half even, that would be fine for me. As $21 a blade that's about ten cents a foot. And if I get the full 500 it's about a nickle. At a hobby level a couple of blades would last a lifetime. At least as much of a lifetime as I have left.

But, the "My saw is better than your saw" part of my brain wants the carbide teeth. I'm trying to rationalize. Smoother cut? Thinner kerf? Don't care? Get one of each and compare?

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