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david weaver
..I think folks like Todd and others did a good job of scaring away people who just wanted to be entertained. What's left is people who don't seem to be wrapped up in believing the work should be easy or that there is a secret trick or 5 that someone is holding from them.

I used to get upset when Todd would let the air out of some newbie's tires. If you paid $45 for a stanley plane, Todd would tell you that a collector wouldn't touch it for $2.

If you paid $20, Todd would tell you "they saw you coming as soon as you opened the door!".

After a while, it was worth a chuckle. When he was deflating someone at one point, deriding people paying $90 for an LN plan hammer (something even I didn't buy), I said, "you just have to go sticking your expert ____ in everything, ruining everyones' day, don't you?"

He responded by sending me a nicely made brass hammer with an anatomically correct handle on it :b

When I had kids, my wife told me it had to go, so I sent it to someone in Chicago to keep in a pool of unique tools at a woodworking club. Too bad it was profane, because it was really nicely made otherwise.

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