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Barry Irby
Keith, I appreciate your response.

I just contacted WoodMizer and wanted to get some technical advice on this. The Lady that returned my call suggest a standard double hard steel blade with at 9*. I had been fishing around in their website and seen their 12* carbide tipped blades and asked about those. She hemmed and hawed a bit and said the 9* blades were general purpose and she did not know what the 12* ones were for. The Steel blades are 1 1/4" and .042". The carbide blade is also 1 1/4" but only .035" thick. I can buy 4 steel blades for the price of one carbide ($89).

Unfortunately I was at lunch in a noisy place and did not feel like yelling my business all over the place and also got the feeling the Lady did not have the answers and was just looking in a book.

If the carbide blade cuts smoother I am inclined to try one.

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