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Frank D. in Montreal
"Years ago when I first found this forum, there was a gigantic string from Larry Williams (some may remember todd hughes, larry and warren's long threads) and I think things like that will often scare away newbies."

I've learned so much from this forum, way more than on all other forums combined. Just the other day I was wondering what Todd Hughes is up to...everytime someone asks me what something is worth I think of Todd (what someone is willing pay for it). The one thing that has always fascinated me with WC is the incredible knowledge and depth that has always come from relatively few number of posters (unlike other forums where you have to wade through dozens of useless posts to read something OK). I'm not sure that has scared beginners away, at least not the ones who wanted to learn. I think that the discussion was flying so high that for most of us (certainly speaking for myself) the best way to participate in what was going on was to read the posts. I was still there, even if I wasn't posting much. Almost twenty years later I still come back.

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