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dumber than a chicken, gentleman farmer

John K Jordan
From what I see, both guineas and turkeys are dumber than chickens.

A guinea can fly from the ground 50' straight up into a tree. I watched one fly 350' from up the hill near the house, over the roof of the shop, and land in the fenced-in front field. But then they will run up and down the 4' fence for an hour trying to figure out how to get to the other side!

Jerry, I guess I can't be a gentleman farmer since my wife and I are both retired, living on SS. Well, perhaps there's a pension or two in there somewhere, I don't know; she's the accountant and estate manager as well as investment counselor, purchasing agent, gourmet chief, travel agent, etc. All I do is play with the animals, the beehives, the sawmill, and the tools in the shop. And come when called for supper.


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