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That reminds me of my "Chicken Farming" years.
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Keith Newton
Back in the early seventies, my X-father in law and I raised 3 batches of 150,000 chickens together. One of his favorite sayings was " There is only one thing dumber than a chicken, and thats the guy that raises them". He had other houses of his own too.

I would laugh and agree, but going out and watching the chicken catchers work, catching, crating and loading the trucks had to be a few rungs lower on the ladder than the farmer. And I hate to think about how far on down working in those processing plants had to be.

OK, I'm going to try to pull this back onto the subject of woodworking. If any of you have commercial chicken houses or neighbors / friends who are. The ammonia in chicken litter is so strong that this would be an easy way to fume a large Oak piece, if it went in between batches.

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