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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I have read glowing reports of the Hitachi as a resaw bandsaw. A friend who is a high end designer/maker has one. I do not recall the blade he uses, but I have a visual memory of something in the region of 2". Can that be so?

The Lenox Woodmaster CT 1" is 1.3 tpi. I've used the heck out this blade for about 3 or 4 years now, and sharpened it myself a few times. It leaves a surface that is very good, but does still need planing. The strength of this blade is that it cuts fairly fast. Some blades can produce a better finish, but they are slower. This is a good compromise. The down side is that it needs a saw frame that can handle a lot of downforce. I use it on a Hammer N4400 (17 1/2" machine). I believe that the Hitachi can take it. If not, one alternative is a Laguna Resaw King. They do, however, have a bit of a reputation for snapping. The strength of the Lenox is that is is built like a tank (hence the downforce issue).

Regards from Perth


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