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Re: Thanks for the post brought back memories!

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Back in the 1940's /50's, my Aunt had free range chickens on her small farm. She always had Guinea's that "guarded" the hen house. In the spring her hens were allowed to set and hatch their broods and most of their food was from the landscape, except for some ground corn.

There were always plenty of chickens and chicken was always on the menu every Sunday. She raised 2 of her grandchildren, one of them (my cousin) was my age. My father passed when I was ten so my mother and I visited just about ever Sunday.

One of my Cousin and I duties were to catch the Sunday dinner chicken. We found a method that worked well - We would set on the front porch (a concrete slab at the front of a log cabin) and spit on the ground. Chickens would always come over and peck at the spit. We had to be fast but always caught one within a short time!

She also had the Guinea's which always flew to the top of the hen house at dusk to sleep. Of course cousin and I had to catch one once in a while. When it was fairly dark this worked but was like turning on a fire siren. Shortly after we caught one the cabin door would open and my aunt would yell "You boys let that Guinea loose and quit bothering it"!

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