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Re: JKJ, when I hear the term Gentleman Farmer,

John K Jordan
>>>Do you have the kids chase them down out in the yard? When I was little, my grandmother would send us out to catch one or two, and the chase would be on. I got better and quicker with practice. Of course when told to go catch a guinea, we always came up empty.

I keep the chickens in a pen with the roost and egg nesting boxes inside (open to the "vestibule" so I can step out of the rain and still gather eggs without actually going inside the coop.) That coop is pretty small and I have a weighted exit door on a pulley outside so catching them is easy - close the exit then go in at night and pick them off the roost! Before I do anything with a generation of the older hens I put them in individual cages to see which are still laying. I tell them plainly - lay an egg or we're gonna go visit Colonial Sanders! I do have

When kids come some some boys always ask if they can catch a guinea. I say sure, if you are fast enough. Ha! Good way to exhaust an overactive kid.


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