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OT: First guinea keets *PIC*

John K Jordan
The first guineas hatched this morning from the eggs I put in the incubator last month. These hatched 2 days early - they may have had a couple of days development before I stole the eggs from the hen. The normal incubation time is 28 days. (100-deg F, 55% humidity)

I put about 70 guinea eggs in the incubator in two batches so with good luck things may get hopping soon. And peeping.

I hatched chicken eggs about 6 weeks ago as my initial test incubator run. The 38 chicks are growing like crazy. These pictures are at 5 weeks:

When I go check on them some come up to socialize. I carry them around the farm and show them the llamas, peacocks, and such.

I also have 11 peafowl eggs due to hatch near the end of may.


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