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Re: I've gotten in trouble...

David Weaver
...with the moderation on every forum I've been on at one time or another, mostly because I'm arguing with someone on the forums and ...well, arguing doesn't bother me most of the time, but it does bother some other folks.

I didn't get kicked off of SMC but resigned my membership when they repeatedly mistreated George Wilson because he provided educated opinions about woodworking bloggers who talk the talk but can't walk the walk, or because he knew enough to tell folks that they had provided bad advise and it wasn't a matter of opinion. One of the rules over there basically no matter what you know, everyone is obligated to tell you that your opinion is just as important as theirs. That's absurd. My opinion is not as important or as credible as George's. If I get to the point that I think it is, I need to have my wings clipped. But it's better for advertisers to have something equivalent to a new kindergarten class at all times.

I never liked that manufacturers or makers instantly had their logins banned unless they agreed to hand money over to post. No matter what was being said or how incorrect it was, there was no ability for manufacturers to respond. Unless they paid.

I would rather see the forum sold or given to someone else who wants it to become a collection of useful knowledge and lively discussion rather than a place to farm members - the format is nice, but as it is now, if it went completely offline, I don't think it would be any loss.

The moderation here is ideal. I can get in trouble here from time to time, but I'm sure I've deserved it. The moderation over there is constantly admonishing people publicly, editing posts so that they often don't even mean the same thing they originally meant, and then complaining loudly about how difficult it is to moderate the group. All the while, meaningful content and meaningful contributors to the discussions disappear into oblivion.

Though I've browsed the hand tool topics, or at least a couple of them, here and there, I can't remember anything I've read there in the last several years that was meaningful. Which makes me think the same thing that I thought when I had my ID ghosted there - I couldn't think of a good reason to not do that. i can't think of a good reason to browse the topics over there - just looking to see if there are any slow car wrecks occurring or yet another "there's really no right answer to anything" kind of discussions isn't one.

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