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Craftsman Radial and TS molding head

Keith Newton
Anyone used the "Craftsman Radial and Bench Saw Molding Head?

One of the local restoration contractors ask me to help him with about 80 plinth blocks that had a fairly elaborate pattern milled into them. This is all across the grain, and I figured I could combine blades from the above and a pretty good collection of bevel edge shaper knives that Ive ground and acquired over the years. For some reason I'm getting too much tear out on the shaper and having to fall back on a small assortment of knives from the above mentioned set, which is doing a pretty good job on the TS.

I would never even consider using this thing on a radial arm saw, and wondered how they got away with selling them for that use as long as they did. I'm betting there were some serious accidents due to newbie woodworkers thinking this would be a good idea.

If any of you have a set that you'd be willing to part with, I have a box full of shaper cutters ~20 for 1/2" spindle I'd trade. Or without the trade, I'll donate to WC the proceeds.

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