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Review of RZ Mask

I've been trying out the RZ Mask for several weeks now and I've concluded it has a place in my woodshop. It's not the mask I use for big operations when I'll be wearing a mask for awhile but for when I need to do something quickly as I can put it on and take it off with ease. The style I got has one strap that attaches in the back with velcro. The strap is extra wide and helps with stability.

I can't use it for an extended period, however, as it tends to cramp my nose. I find myself breathing through my mouth a good bit.

I can't speak knowledgeably to it's filtering effectiveness as I have no way to test but I don't sense dust when I breathe and I don't notice anything alarming in my handkerchief.

The company's customer service is superb. I needed a larger size than I ordered and they shipped a replacement straight out, asking me to return the wrong sized mask in the box. They provided postage.

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