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Skil skill, er, experience *PIC*

John K Jordan
"can't cut a 2 x 4 with a skill saw without binding."
That's funny. I can't either. Don't know why. I even bought a specific Porter Cable model for Left Handed people. I have both the right handed and left handed version and get can't either to work... :b

Zounds, that's almost beyond my understanding! Perhaps the difference is my introduction to the portable circular saw came way before I got a stationary saw. These days I prefer a thin-kerf carbide-toothed blade and the cordless Dewalt saw that came with one. The years of practice came in handy when I built my shop - I cut about 20 of these at the top of a 10' ladder:

By my skill saw skill pales in the presence of my friend the house builder. Stair stringers, rafters with birds-mouth, ripping long 45" angles, plywood and osb, 6x6 beams, much often propped up on scrap on the ground or on the edge of a stack of lumber, with shorter pieces held in one hand, saw in the other, often on a ladder or leaning over the edge of a roof. In his spare time he's built and remodeled buildings for me around the farm. I learned a lot more tricks of the trade working along side with him but gads, he is FAST!


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